This is a true and romantic love story about me and my wife.

In 2011, I was 19, with infinite yearning for the university, I walked into the university campus of my dreams. At the freshman entrance ceremony, I saw the girl that made my heart beating. She wore a white dress with her long hair fluttering and successfully caught my eyes when she spoke on the podium on behalf of the freshmen. I thought I felt in love with her at my first sight, and the wonderful fate made us meet again. We, who share common interests, joined the "Marketing Association" at school, the seed of love sprouted and developed between us during the club activities time and time again. We were eager to talk with each other at that time, so we always wandered around all corners of the campus when we were free of class.

There is a lake on the campus, we privately named itlover lake due to the beautiful scenery. When it comes to spring, the green willows fly with the wind along siding the lake; while when it comes to summer, the lotus flowers bloom and frogs croak in the lake; and when it comes to autumn, the creeper on the wall turns from green to red; as you can imagine when it comes to winter, the bare branches of the trees are covered in fluffy snowflakes.

My First Life Turning

I supposed the main colors of my four years of university should be studying and romantic love . Helplessly, an accident in 2012 became the first turning point in my life, it changed my family from well-off to debt-laden. In order to reduce the burden on my family I had to go to school as well as did some part-time to make a living. My first part-time job was a jewelry salesman. As I majored in Marketing and I worked hard by using theoretical knowledge I learned, my performance had always been far ahead. Also, my boss was very optimistic about me, he took me to his factory and thought me how to make various handmade jewelry. I made my first ring there, the one that represents the love story between me and my girlfriend, and it also became a token of love that we have kept to this day.

Entrepreneurship about the "Lover Lake Jewelry"

The part-time experience in the jewelry store gave me a sense of business opportunities. On the one hand, it was my girlfriend who loved the jewelry; on the other hand, it was my understanding of the jewelry industry that had grown over the past 2 years, and as we approached our internship, we decided to start our jewelry business.

After researching around and visiting many factories, we chose to rend a shop on campus. As the store was next to the lake, we named a romantic name "Lover Lake Jewelry" for our store.

The witness Of Our Love

The lover Lake witnessed the love story between my girlfriend and me. Similarly, it also witnessed the love stories of batch after batch of younger students on our campus. The dragonfly on the lotus leaf, the bee in flower bush, the swan on the lake, the creeper on the rockery, the four-leaf clover... All these romantic memories were made into ornament elements by us, the scenery had witnessed our love, and conveyed beauty memories.

People always say: life needs a sense of ritual, and love needs witnesses.

We use our love to make jewelries, which are not only beautiful and exquisite accessories, but also love tokens with stories.

And we sincerely hope that all you who choose "Lover Lake Jewelry" will find love and happiness.

An exciting news for you: My girl has now become my wife.